1. I would like to learn to snowboard.

Group lessons of up to six clients run on a regular basis. We can offer private lessons by arrangement. If you are between 10 and 16 years-old, why not try Holiday Snowboard Camp? You will learn a lot in a week! Minimum shoe size 1 (Adult) and height of 130cm or taller – phone for details.

2. How far in advance should I book?

As early as you can. In the winter we get very busy at Goucester Ski & Snowboard Centre and our pricing reflects this. You may have to book several weeks in advance. Private lessons sell like hotcakes! Why not learn before Christmas and beat the rush – it is cheaper too!

3. I’ve not skied for years, what should I do?

If you do not feel confident to ski recreationally on your own, a private lesson at Gloucester Ski & Snowboard Centre should set you on the right track. If you are more confident, why not try out one of the coaching sessions: Wednesday morning coaching (ladies only), Wednesday evening coaching, or Friday morning coaching. We also do coaching for juniors to help them improve their snowplow turning and start to parallel ski! all participants must meet the recreational standard to go on to any coaching sessions

4. When does it get really busy?

Weekends and evenings in the winter can be pretty hectic. Sunday afternoons can get really busy.

It tends to be quieter early in the week, especially in the summertime. You also benefit from cheaper pricing.

5. I’d like to get back into it before I go on holiday, what is there to do?

It’s best to get your practice in early as part of your preparation. If you get a Privilege Card you can benefit from great discounts on recreational practice. However joining a lesson or coaching to suit your ability helps you to prepare effectively.

6. I would like to ski parallel, how do I learn?

At Gloucester Ski & Snowboard Centre, our teaching philosophy is for you to learn sound techniques that help you through your whole skiing development. We recommend ongoing tuition – Wednesday evening and morning coaching sessions are ideal and great value for money. Private tuition is another option. Whatever you choose, “practice makes permanent”, so ongoing coaching helps prevent bad habits!

7. My children are under ten, what lessons can they have?

These are the options:

  • Private tuition
  • Family private lessons for all the family
  • Holiday Ski School which runs during school half terms
  • Polar Bears (Lessons for ages 6-10)
  • Snowcubs (Lessons for ages 3-6)

There is a limit on the number of people allowed on a private lesson, it is essential to have all participants of a similar ability – children and adults learn at different speeds. Children also join our Junior Development Club, provided they can already ski from the top of the Recreational Slope.

We teach skiing from age 3 upwards.

8. I’ve never skied before, what do you recommend?

We have a selection of group lessons aimed at different age ranges. Learn to Ski Packages offer great value in group lessons.

Private tuition is more costly but can give you a more intensive and personalised session.

Whatever lesson you go for, take them up well before your holiday to take advantage of early season pricing and to get your muscles conditioned.

9. Is equipment hire included in the prices?

Yes. Skis, snowboards, boots and helmets are all included in recreational and lesson prices.

If you want to use your own equipment, be aware that the slopes are abrasive and we will not be held responsible for damage, however caused.

10. Do you do parties?

Yes we do. We can arrange a party for any occasion. For youngsters from age 4 check out our Tubing Parties. Or alternatively, book an hour’s skiing or snowboarding lesson, followed by food in the ‘T Bar’. It is important that for skiing and snowboarding, all participants are of the same ability.

We also do laser tag parties at the centre which consists of one hour of Battle*Hill laser tag followed by food at Battle*Hill HQ!

11. What is there for the children in the holidays?

Holiday Ski School and Holiday Snowboard Camp. We also run private lessons and extra group lessons during holiday periods. Book early because they sell like hot cakes!

12. When are you open?

Click on opening times, but basically, every day except Christmas Day and Boxing Day.

13. Are you open all year round?

Yes and out of season can be an ideal time to get lots of space to yourself on the slopes. Occasionally maintenance may require the temporary closure of a slope, but we never close completely! If you visit us during a quiet period, you may have the slope to yourself as well as benefiting from Low Season pricing!

14. Do you operate in all weathers?

Yes. It can be quite exciting skiing or snowboarding in the rain – the slopes will run very quickly, more like snow! Frosty nights in the winter can be a real buzz. And when it snows, we can’t keep people away! We would normally only close in the event of a thunderstorm directly overhead, if heavy winds render the ski-lifts inoperable or if we have a private hire event. If you are unsure, give us a call!

15. What should I wear?

Artificial slopes are abrasive. Please wear long sleeves and trousers, and a pair of gloves. Do not wear your best clothes either, but aim for a casual loose-fitting look! In the summer it can be hot, so do not wear too many layers. Be prepared for sudden downpours! Remember your Responsibility Code.

16. Do you sell food and drink?

Yes. We can cater for your needs for a whole day. The ‘T Bar’ is fully licenced and offers a wide range of hot and cold food and drink.

17. I want to try slalom skiing, what should I do?

We host some of the best clubs in the country. They each have their own styles so you are best to come along and watch at first, and then decide which to join.

Western countries race club runs on Mondays from 7pm-8:30pm and Gloucester race clubs runs on Thursdays 6:30pm – 8pm and Sundays 6pm – 8pm