Gloucester Ski and Snowboard centre brings you Freestyle Club called the Dark Side started by a group of enthusiastic skiers and boarders with its first session to be held on Sunday the 3rd of April at 5pm.

The Club welcomes novice and experienced freestylers who come together on Sunday nights to ride together, learn from each other, develop and take their tricks to another level. The purpose is to bring together skiers and boarders who share the passion for freestyle and to give them an opportunity to grow together and create a freestyle society here at Gloucester.

The Club meets every Sunday 5-9 pm and has an exclusive access to the freestyle slope at Gloucester Ski and Snowboard Centre. All off the earnings from club sessions are returned back to the club and invested in new rails, ramps, hoodies and other necessities:)!

Since The Dark Side is still in its development we are open to suggestions and looking for those who want to get involved in running of the sessions and helping out in setting the freestyle courses and maintaining/building  the features. If you are keen to become a part of the club give us a shout or simply pop around on Sunday evening.

First session is free and after that you are looking at £15 for a junior and £20 for an adult. As the club grows we will hopefully drop the prices and introduce some membership