Gloucester Ski & Snowboard Centre
Please note, our main slope will be closed on Saturday 4th September all day and Sunday 5th September until 3pm. Booking should now be available online.

Recreational Standard

To be able to recreationally Ski or Snowboard at Gloucester Ski and Snowboard Centre you must be at a recreational standard.

Being at recreational standard means you can:

  1. Control your speed by linking turns.
  2. Steer around other users and objects.
  3. Stop where you want to.
  4. Load/ride/unload from the overhead button ski tows.
  5. Must wear long sleeves full length trousers at all times.
  6. Must wear gloves at all times.
  7. Comply with the FIS Ski Way Code.
  8. Understand and accept the Responsibility Code.
  9. Understand and accept the Fun Park Responsibility Code.

The FIS Skiway code is below:

1. Respect for others

Be aware of all other skiers/snowboarders on the slopes around you and do not endanger them.

2. Control of speed

Only ski/snowboard within the limits of your ability (taking conditions, terrain, weather and volume of other slope users into account) and be sure you can always stop safely.

3. Choice of Route

Carefully choose your route in such a way that you don’t endanger other skiers/snowboarders.

4. Overtaking

Leave plenty of space when overtaking other slope users in case they make any voluntary or involuntary movement. Remember, the skier/snowboarder in front of you (usually downhill) has right of way.

5. Starting, entering or climbing a slope

When entering a slope, starting again after stopping, or moving upwards, you must LOOK (up and down) the slope to avoid other skiers/snowboarders.

6. Stopping on a slope

Always try and stop at the side of the piste and away from narrow tracks or slopes. Stop where you can be clearly seen and avoid stopping under jumps/bumps or after sharp corners. After a fall, move as quickly as possible to the side. At the tops of ski lifts, move away to keep the exit zone clear for other people.

7. Climbing or Desending on foot

If you need to climb or descend on foot, make sure you keep to the side of the slope.

8. Respect for signs or markings

Don’t ignore the signs, markers or nets as they’re put there to keep you safe.

9. Assistance

At an accident you are duty bound to assist, whilst not endangering yourself or other slope users. 

10. Identification

Whether you are a responsible party or not, you must exchange names and addresses following an accident and be prepared to act as a witness.


Responsability code:

Snowsports can be great fun and we hope that you enjoy your visit to our Centre.


We don’t want to overload you with “rules”.  However a little common sense and courtesy will help make your time on the slopes safer and more enjoyable for you and others. As in all sports, there is a risk that you can injure yourself or damage clothing and equipment.


By using these facilities you agree to follow this Responsibility Code:


  1. Always stay in control and be able to stop or avoid other people or objects.
  2. People ahead of you have the right of way. It is your responsibility to avoid them.
  3. You must not stop where you obstruct the slope or are not visible from above.
  4. Whenever starting downhill or joining a run look uphill and give way to others.
  5. Observe all posted signs and warnings. Keep out of closed areas.
  6. Prior to using any lift you must have the knowledge and ability to load, ride and unload safely.
  7. You should wear appropriate clothing.


If you are unsure about your understanding or ability to meet these requirements please speak with a member of staff.  If you cannot fulfil the code then you should book tuition with our Snowsports School.


Funpark Responsability code:

The FunPark is an area which is designed with Hips, Rails and a kicker but also has a route through for people who do not wish to uses these features.

There are many elements ti manoeuvre over and around.

Please use the FunPark within your ability. Build your skills gradually rather than trying big tricks straight away.

Look before you leap.

Obey the Responsibility code at all times.

If you are walking, stick to the grass and artifical turf areas, walking and/or standing on the slope matting will shorten its life and put your life in danger! 



All children 14 and younger needs to be accompanied by an adult at all times