Welcome Drink
Slide & Dine Ice & Fire
Bucks Fizz/Orange Juice + nibbles Hot Chocolate/Mulled Cider + minced pie
Main Meal
Meat/Veg Lasagne (Served with Chips and Salad)
Meat/Veg Chilli (served with Rice and Garlic Bread)
Meat/Veg Curry (Served with Rice and Naan Bread)
Vanilla Cheese Cake
Fruit Sorbet


Our menu choices for your party are detailed below. Please ensure all guests select items from the same menu: Brunch, Hot or Cold.

All hot menu options come with chips (if you prefer salad instead please let us know).
An item from Cold menu option can be substituted by a piece of fruit. The Brunch menu is only available for the 10:00 party slot.

There will be jugs of squash & water on the party table.

Brunch Menu Hot Menu Cold Menu
Beans on Toast Fish Fingers A filled roll: ham, jam, cheese, tuna mayo
Bacon Roll & Hash Brown Bites Beef Burger Muffin
Sausage Bap & Hash Brown Bites Hot Dog Packet Crisps
Toast & Jam Chicken Nuggets Chocolate Bar
All Brunch Menu choices are served with an apple Cheese Panini (substitute 1 item for fruit)


If you would like to bring a cake for your party, you are very welcome.

Please call us:

Please ensure that you telephone the centre to tell us your food choices 1 week before your party. Without your food choices in advance there is a chance that your children’s food may not be available or delayed in serving. Thank you.

Appropriate Clothing:

Please remember all participants must have long sleeves, long trousers, gloves and sensible shoes.